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KB9KBT/R April, 1995 Newsletter

THE NEXT E.A.R.S. "EATING MEETING" will be at Old Country Buffet in Eastland Shoppes in Evansville, on Friday, April 7 at 6:30 p.m. Come join us and see all your ham friends and enjoy a meal out together. If you have a prize to donate or a short program to present at a future meeting, contact Neil about scheduling.


Saturday, April 29 Skyline Chili on Sharon Rd., just north of I-275 in Sharonville, Ohio (North side of Cincinnati just east of I-75)

See the Hamvention program for details!

REPEATER SYSTEM UPDATE: On Monday, March 27 Eric and Neil traveled to the new home of Marty, KA9PCT to obtain equipment and discuss repeater projects. His new address and phone is:

Marty Hensley KA9PCT

7205 Mohawk Lane

Indianapolis, IN 46260

(317) 253-7985

On Tuesday, the 145.25 receiver was installed at Vincennes. The signal is full quieting at the Vincennes site. Work on a PL board and a receiver in Indianapolis will finish the link project and is expected to happen soon. You may hear the link turned on from time to time to test the reliability of the link. Therefore, you may listen but will not be able to talk to anyone on the Indy system until the link is completed. You may continue to use the 146/443 .925 and/or 145.15 while the receive portion of the link is on without causing interference to Indianapolis. We will announce via ID messages and the newsletter when the link

is 2-way. Eric also installed a new battery and automatic battery charger in the continuing saga of power backup for the DVR. This one looks much better than the old setup, and has performed well so far! A

squelch adjustment was also made to the 448.925 receiver. Some people have been cutting out of the 440 side prematurely.

Then, Pete WB9DRB started in on some transmitters to possibly be used as replacement exciters for 146.925 and 145.15. The 146.925 transmitter has been intermittent of late. Please listen on 443.925 if possible until the problem can be fixed. Calls have been made about 145.11 being off the air, and hopefully we will have some news soon about that system. We wish to thank these people for their assistance and YOU for your financial assistance in making these project work for EARS!


Dayton, OH April 28-29-30

Hara Arena & Expo Center

(Dayton Hamvention)

Indianapolis, IN September 2

Indy Armory (Holt Rd. & I-70)

8 a.m. to 2 p.m. T/I 145.250-

(Hoosier Hamfest) - by E.A.R.S.!

Evansville, IN November 25

Vanderburgh Co. 4-H Fairgrounds

8 a.m. to 2 p.m. T/I 145.150-

Sponsored by E.A.R.S.!

Listen for EARS members on 145.15 or 145.25 simplex at hamfests!!


Paris, IL May 7 at 1 p.m. - Paris Comm. Hospital (217) 466-4315

Mt. Carmel, IL April ?? - Wabash Valley Jr. College (W5YI/VEC) (812) 479-5741

(NRE Commerical exams by appt. only)

Vincennes, IN April 22 - Vincennes Univ.

W5YI/VEC exams & NRE commercial exams by appointment - Call (812) 479-5741

Testing begins 8 a.m.


DE AAV5QZ, my name is Tom and I'm a member of Army MARS. If you're looking for an opportunity to serve our servicemen and women by providing them and their families with third party traffic, you too can be a member of Army MARS. We also are developing emergency procedures. If you're interested, contact me Tom KE9ZV by packet at KE9ZV or on the repeater, or phone 812-425-4156 or Harry Leach, 5537 Batson Dr., Portage, IN 46368 (packet: wb9ppt@ka9ylv).

(Phone: 219-763-1799)

DON'T FORGET THE E.A.R.S. WIDE AREA NET AND NEWSLINE....Every Monday at 8:30 Central (All repeaters are in the same time zone from now until fall!!) on the EARS Wide Area Repeater Network! Newsline, a 15 minute news bulletin (updated weekly), is presented each week during the net. Newsline is a production of Newsline, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA that contains the latest in Amateur radio related news items. Be sure to listen for current news and information on the EARS Repeater Network!


1506 S. Parker Dr.

Evansville, IN 47714

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