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August, 1994 Newsletter

The next EARS eating meeting will be held at Noble Roman's at Washington and Boeke in Evansville (Ross Center) on Friday, August 5 in the meeting room at 6:30 p.m. All hams, potential hams, and families thereof are invited to attend. We may be expecting a guest from the Red Cross to meet our group and give a short discussion on disaster plans for this area. We will also be making plans for the hamfest in November. If you can possibly attend, please do!

Repeater notes:

145.110 Nothing new to report. A replacement antenna is still in the plans.

145.150 The new receive site at 300 feet on Orchard Road (south end of Darmstadt) is on and working great! At first, we had some problems with receiver overload from the 145.15 transmitter, but some notch filters cleared up the problem right away. We then moved some equipment around since the new receiver made the old West and East side sites obsolete. Mobile signal reports are from: 11 miles north of Madisonville, KY; Wayne City, IL; Vincennes, IN; and 5 miles west of Corydon, IN. Handheld coverage (5 watts) reports are from Grayville, IL; Richland, IN; Owensboro, KY; and Princeton, IN. The link audio from Vincennes has been helped drastically thanks to one of these newly available receivers. Some minor audio details are still in the works, and the Petersburg receiver has been down temporarily due to these changes, but will be back shortly.

146.925 The new Farmersburg receiver at 600 feet is now operating! Mobile signals have been reported so far from: Cloverdale, IN; Danville, IL; and Vincennes, IN. More reports would be appreciated. Many thanks to Mel N9IZG for his hard work on this project, installing the feed lines and link antenna at TV-2.

Testing will be held at the Red Bank library (Lloyd Expwy. & Red Bank Rd.) on Monday, August 1. NRE Commercial testing (marine operator permit, general radiotelephone, GMDSS, etc.) will be given at 6pm. You must pre-register by phone at (812) 424-1506. $35 per license testing fee, and $35 per license FCC filing fee (eff. July 18) (The BIG fees have been delayed for lifetime licenses!)

W5YI/VEC Ham testing will follow the commercial exams, with registration starting around 7:15 p.m. Walk-ins ONLY for amateur exams.

The traveling EARS display promoting the hamfest and wide area repeater system has been busy lately! ARCOM (Amateur Radio Club of Mt. Vernon, IL), Centrailia Wireless Assn., and Pike County ARC were all visited before press time. We will visit RADIO (Mt. Carmel, IL) on July 21 at 7pm, Hadley's Cafe.

The Indiana Repeater Council held its annual meeting at the Indianapolis hamfest a few weeks ago. A committee was formed to discuss closer spacing of repeater pairs on the UHF bands. If you have some input on this topic, please pass this information along to Marty KA9PCT.

Your continued help in monitoring for interference would be appreciated. Some illegal retransmissions have been noticed on many area repeaters, including the EARS repeaters. If you hear the interference, a signal report and/or beam heading would be appreciated.

A recent call to W5YI/VEC has informed us that the FCC is taking on average 16 weeks to process license paperwork. I hope no one is in a hurry!

Amateur Callsigns (as of June 1)



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