1506 S. Parker Drive

Evansville, IN 47714

(812) 479-5741

"Because a frequency is a terrible thing to waste"

February, 1994 Newsletter

The next EARS "Eating Meeting" will be held on Wednesday, February 2, at Noble Roman's Ross Center Location, near Washington and Boeke in Evansville. Meeting time is 6:30 (Central). See all your ham friends and enjoy a night out! Don't miss it!

Future dates: Fri., March 11

and Fri., April 1.

Same place, same time.

PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR AUTOPATCH CODES! You MUST enter the digit on the end of your code AFTER THE PHONE NUMBER AS WELL! See the example on the code sheet or call Neil 424-1506 for further details.

WINTER HAS DELAYED antenna work for the new Evansville receive site and the new Vincennes 2m antenna. Keep watching for further details.

IT'S NEVER TOO EARLY to promote this year's Evansville Winter Hamfest on Saturday, November 26. If you think of a place to promote the hamfest, please pass along the information yourself or send an address to the club address above. We are planning on more flyers at Dayton, and also have again purchased a FULL PAGE AD in the Indiana section of the 1994-95 ARRL Repeater Directory.

Hamfest calendar:

February 12 Owensboro, KY

National Guard Armory

8am-2pm CT, Testing avail.

November 26 Evansville, IN

4-H Fairgrounds

8am-2pm CT, Admission $4.

(812) 479-5741

HamVention calendar:

April 29-May 1 Dayton, OH

Hara Arena, Admission $11

(in advance) $14 (at door)

ARRL/VEC testing available

(513) 276-6930

Don't miss the Dayton EARS

Eating Meeting! Watch for

details. Official EARS simplex

freq. at Dayton: 145.150.

EARS has applied for a non-profit mailing permit with the USPS. Thanks for your contributions in order to make this possible. This will reduce our costs for hamfest and newsletter mailings.


The FCC has released the text of the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) for "vanity" amateur callsigns. For a $70 fee (every ten years), an amateur could request ANY callsign that is not currently in use. Previously held callsigns by an amateur, a former amateur, or deceased amateur, as well as new calls (Over)

would be included. Club stations would be eligible, but RACES and military stations would not. Comments should be filed by March 7. 1X1 callsigns may become available as a result of this NPRM. (Thanks: W5YI Report)

NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA has a new prefix! VE9 calls are now being issued to New Brunswick. Current VE1s can change to VE9, retain the VE1 call, or apply for a new VE9 call. No new VE1 calls will be assigned to New Brunswick. (Thanks: W5YI Report)


Sun. Feb. 6 Terre Haute, IN

Red Cross Bldg./ARRL/$5.75

1pm ET (812) 466-2122

Sat. Feb. 12 Owensboro, KY


Sun. Mar. 6 Paris, IL

St. Mary's School/$5.75

1pm CT (217) 466-4315

Sat. Mar. ?? Evansville, IN


9am CT (812) 985-0109


$35.00 per license


March - Wabash Valley College

(Mt. Carmel, IL)


1506 S. Parker Drive

Evansville, IN 47714

April 16 - Vincennes University

10 am ET/Technology Bldg.

Call (812) 424-1506 to register.

THE EARS NEWSLETTER is a monthly publication produced by Neil Rapp WB9VPG. If you have any questions, comments, or contributions for the newsletter, please send them to Neil Rapp, 305 Sequoia Lane, Evansville, IN 47712 or call (812) 424-1506.

Newsletter subscriptions are available for a contribution ($10 minimum annually) to EARS to cover expenses. If you would like autopatch codes for 145.15 (Evansville) or 146.925 (Vincennes), please state your interest. Please send your complete address and phone number when subscribing.

Send donations and/or subscription info to: EARS, 1506 S. Parker Dr., Evansville, IN 47714, or come to an eating meeting!

We are proud to announce that the EARS Newsletter is NOW AVAILABLE IN BRAILLE. Contact Tom Bozikis KE9ZV for more details on braille copies.

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