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January, 1996 Newsletter

THE NEXT E.A.R.S. EATING MEETING will be held on Wednesday, January 17, 1996, at 6:30 PM Central at Noble Roman's, Washington and Boeke in Evansville, IN

Everyone is welcome!!!

THE 1995 CHRISTMAS PARTY was a great time! Thanks to those who attended. The BBQ was superb as usual, and Barry KE4OXZ announced the birth of his son. Anyone who wants to see the Kenwood video of the new TS-870 HF transceiver that was shown can borrow it from Neil at any time. He also has a Kenwood products catalog, with items such as T-shirts, caps, coffee mugs, etc.

THANKS TO ALL THOSE who have donated to EARS this month! They include Daniel Martin KA9ZHY, and Steve Murphy N9YVW. Thanks to contributions to EARS, both monetary gifts and support at the hamfest, the antenna project at Paxton is again underway! We have located a professional tower climber who has agreed to install the new transmit antenna for 146.925 as soon as the weather breaks. Mel N9IZG, Eric N9KDB, and Neil WB9VPG will be working on assembling the antenna over the holidays and will have it ready to go up at the 300' level ASAP. This project has been moved up due to some wind damage at this site. The 146.925 transmitter has been reduced to 5 watts due to a kinked piece of hard line at the antenna level. The amplifier will be back on as soon as the new antenna is put in position and the feed lines are tied down once again. 145.25 has also suffered some damage. The amplifier has been blowing chokes, and so the output has dropped to 10 watts there. Thus, the Indianapolis/Vincennes link has been down for a week or so. This lack of signal output has also disabled the auxillary

transmitter in Seymour on 147.43. Chokes have been ordered, and 5.25 should be back

up to full power soon.

There has been an intermittent problem with the Evansville/Vincennes link. For some reason, the CTCSS tone that the repeater generates to send audio from Evansville to Vincennes has been cutting out. If you're on the Evansville machine and you don't hear the two-tone Vincennes courtesy tone when you unkey, chances are the link didn't work. This problem is occasional, and should be fixed soon.

THE E.A.R.S. WORLD WIDE WEB PAGE is now active! Get E.A.R.S. history, information, and the latest repeater info by visiting us at http://users.aol.com/earsham/earsham.html on the internet! You can write to us on the Internet as well ! Our Internet e-mail address:



Dayton, OH Hamvention May 17-18-19, 1996

Evansville, IN November 30, 1996


Paris, IL - Sundays at 1pm Central at the

Community Hospital on Jan. 7, Mar. 3, May 5,

July 14, Sept. 8, and Nov. 3. Call John Welch

at (217) 466-4315 for more information.

Danville, IL - Sundays at 1pm Central at the

VCARA Club House on Feb. 11, Apr. 14,

Jun. 9, Aug. 25, Oct. 6, and Dec. 8. Call

John Welch for more information. For

directions, call Wm. Wright at (217) 442-3916

Terre Haute, IN - Sundays at 1pm EST at the

Terre Haute Red Cross on Hwy 41 North on

the first Sunday of the month. Call Fred

K9EBK at (812) 466-2122

Vincennes, IN - Sat., Jan. 20 9 a.m. EST Vincennes University Technology Bldg. Call Phil KQ9O at (812) 886-9765 for info.

EVANSVILLE AREA NEWS - By Barry Tate KE4OXZ -- Have you listened to simplex lately? There has been a lot of activity on 146.58 MHz simplex. There is a net on Saturday nights at 12 midnight (Central) called the Possum Net. There is also an early morning net weekdays from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. (Central) called the Rag Chewers Net. Wayne Wilzbacher is the net control, and usually takes early check ins by 6:30 a.m.

The Possum Net has been going on since August, 1994, and the Rag Chewers Net just had its one year annivarsary on December 1. On November 29, it had its five thousandth check in with N9ZKK, Jimmy Myers, doing the honors.

I have heard a lot of activity on 147.570 MHz simplex on the north side of Evansville. Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm the Muhlenberg Co. SImplex net is on 146.535 MHz by KE4PCM, Gene Proctor. Gene takes short time check ins within the local area between 7:35 and 7:40 he shoots his beams up north to take check-ins from around Henderson and Evansville.

Monitor any of these frequencies for some good conversation or help if needed. Be sure to check in on any one of the nets and join in,

newcomers are welcome.

E.A.R.S. WIDE AREA NET AND NEWSLINE....Every Monday at 8:30 Central

(9:30 Eastern) on the EARS Repeater Network!

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