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July, 1995 Newsletter

THE NEXT E.A.R.S. "EATING MEETING" will be at the Ross Center Noble Roman's, Washington Ave. and Boeke Road in Evansville on Friday, July 14 at 6:30 p.m. Meet in the first meeting room. Come join us and see all your ham friends and enjoy a meal out together. Topics of discussion include: repeater system progress, hamfest plans, and future meeting plans. Bring your ideas!


145.110 - Still no report

145.150 - The second audio delay board, as well as a set of bandpass filters were installed in mid-June. This has reduced the annoying noises after unkeying in Evansville, and the receiver overload problem that was reducing the effective receive coverage. Handheld coverage now extends to Oakland City, other reports are forthcoming. Mobile coverage is between 50-70 miles depending on terrain. The Petersburg remote receiver is active but we are still experiencing a problem with the link receiver at Evansville. Hopefully we can correct this shortly and bring that receiver back on line.

145.25 - I spent some time in Indy in mid-June doing some reprogramming of the autopatch program and the control codes. The Greensburg, Seymour, and Muncie remote receivers are now online, as well as the link to Vincennes and Evansville. Receivers scheduled next are: Connersville, Bloomington, Lebanon, and New Albany. The 147.43 transmitter at Seymour is also back up and running. The EARS callsign was placed on the repeater as well.

146.925 - Thanks to Pete, WB9DRB for tuning

a new UHF receiver and VHF exciter for the Vincennes transmit site. Some audio adjustments to the Evansville and Indianapolis links were made as well.

THE INDIANAPOLIS LINK has been established! After some numerous audio adjustments, things are now sounding good on the link. The Evansville & Vincennes repeaters are linked right now from 6 p.m. - 6 a.m. on weekdays, and 24 hours a day on

weekends. The link can be brought up as desired.

Due to the excessive traffic on each system, the link

is dropped during Evansville & Vincennes autopatches and during the daytime. We have decided to publish the codes so that users can turn the link on and off. We would ask that you not pass the codes over the air! We will try this arrangement and see how it works. If you have comments about changing the link times, let us know! If the codes are abused, we can immediately change the codes and go back to pre-scheduled times only unless a control operator brings up the link. So, here they are:

From the Vincennes repeater (146.925 or 443.925) press 282 to turn the link to Indy on, 283 to turn it off. From Evansville (145.15), to turn the link to Indy on, press 2282*. To turn it off, press 2283*. Please remember to turn the link OFF when not in use for local regional traffic.

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED for three EARS awards to be given at the Evansville Winter Hamfest in November! If you know of a deserving Amateur in the midwest, please send your nomination and a brief explanation of why you think this person deserves an award to: EARS Award Committee, 1506 S. Parker Dr., Evansville, IN 47714-3154. Nominations will be taken thru November 1 and distributed to a committee composed of hams from EARS across Indiana. All nominated persons must: 1) be a currently licensed Amateur and 2) have contributed to Amateur radio in the midwest. The three awards are:

1) Advancement of Repeaters/FM/Networks

2) Technical Excellence Award

3) Repeater Courtesy/Operating Practice Award


Indianapolis, IN July 8 & 9 Marion Co. Fairgrounds $7 admission (Indiana Repeater Council meeting is Saturday from 1-3 p.m.)

Indianapolis, IN September 2

Indy Armory (Holt Rd. & I-70)

(Hoosier Hamfest) - by E.A.R.S.!

Shawnee (Harrisburg, IL) Sunday September 10 - 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Admission $4. VE Exams at 9 a.m., Southeastern Illinois College PA.

Bedford, IN Oct 8 Lawrence Co. Fgdns.

Louisville, KY Oct. 14-15 KY Fair & Expo Center

Evansville, IN November 25

Vanderburgh Co. 4-H Fairgrounds

Listen on 145.15 (107.2 PL) at hamfests!!

Congradulations to Tim Staker, KB9FRR! On July 1, Tim will be married to Beth Lowery in Philadelphia,



Paris, IL - Sunday July 2 - 1 p.m. Community Hospital (also see hamfests)

DREX STUART, N9CIA/HH5SX, will be returning to Haiti soon. He is looking for several 40-80 watt solar panels, batteries, and DC to AC power inverters. If you know of some at a low cost, please contact him or Neil ASAP!!!

DON'T FORGET THE E.A.R.S. WIDE AREA NET AND NEWSLINE....Every Monday at 8:30 Central on the EARS Repeater Network!

HELPFUL REPEATER TIP OF THE MONTH! The best way to get repeater jammers to stop is to IGNORE them. The more you comment about them, call them names, etc. the worse the problem gets. This has been proven on many, many systems in the past including the 5.25. So, please DO NOT TALK TO OR ABOUT people causing malicous interference

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on the frequency WHERE IT IS OCCURING! This simply tells the jammer that his operations are successful.

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