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July, 1994 Newsletter

The next EARS "Eating Meeting" will be held on Friday, July 1, at WESTERN SIZZLIN STEAK HOUSE on Morgan Ave. in Evansville. Meeting time is 6:30 (Central). See all your ham friends and enjoy a night out! Don't miss it! The next meeting will be Friday, August 5 at the Ross Center Noble Roman's, Washington and Boeke.

Hamfest time is right around the corner! We need YOUR help to make this year's Evansville Winter Hamfest an even bigger success! We will need people to find prizes from area businesses, apply mailing labels, sell tickets, check in vendors, assist vendor loading and unloading, man the talk-in radio, and help with publicity. If you can help, contact Neil WB9VPG. The date of the hamfest is Saturday, November 26. Businesses that donate prizes will be given an advertising mention at the hamfest. Tables are $10 each (4' X 8'), and admission is $4.00. Old Post ARS (Vincennes) will serve lunch this year.

Congradulations to Neil Rapp, WB9VPG who was recently named Indiana 2m repeater coordinator by the Indiana Repeater Council, a member of MACC.. Neil replaces Kevin Berlin, WB9QBR, of the Terre Haute area. Marty Hensley, KA9PCT is currently the 220 MHZ coordinator. All are invited to attend the IRC meeting at the Indianapolis Hamfest on Saturday, July 9.

Repeater updates:

145.11. 5-11 has been back for a couple of months now, and seems to be working very well. An antenna problem still exists. Future replacement may make the coverage even better. 5-11 has been very active of late.

145.15. The new X-510 (compliments of N9KDB) has been assembled and the feed line has been transported for the new receive site on Orchard Road. Mike Voyles, WA9FGT, has accepted the task of climbing the tower. This receiver should be online soon and will replace the Evansville East and West sites as this receiver will cover many, many miles of handheld territory.

146.925/443.925. The Vincennes system is back on after replacing every single capacitor in the power supply after the lightning hit. Output power on 443.925 has gone up since the power supply was serviced. The squelch on 448.925 has been readjusted and seems to have brought the receive coverage back to normal. As soon as the new 145.15 receiver goes online, the 146.925 Farmersburg receiver will go on at the 500 foot level. Coverage has been good into Terre Haute at the 50 foot level at present. We expect good things from this project.

146.895. We have a site for 8-9-5 and are currently looking for a set of duplexers. Any help would be appreciated.

444.90. This project is forthcoming, but has been placed on "the back burner" until the other projects are finished.

Eric, N9KDB, will be putting his repeater on 443.425 shortly in Sullivan, IN. Eric has expressed interest in a part-time link into 146.925 on this repeater. Congradulations!

Roy and Karen Cork pass along this partial list of an estate sale in Eastern Illinois (Neil Gallagher WA9JEM). For information, call Bill Bates WA8AFM at (618) 395-3630. Yaesu FT-208R HT, Lakeshore 10 min. ID timer, D 104 mic, Paragon 585 w/CW filter, mic; Hallicrafters S53 receiver, misc. antennas and tower, and many variable capacitors.

The Indianapolis Hamfest will be held on Sat. & Sun., July 9-10 at the fairgrounds just off I-465 south.

VE testing dates:

Sunday, July 3 Paris, IL ARRL/VEC $5.75 (217) 466-4315


1506 S. Parker Drive

Evansville, IN 47714

The Wabash Valley ARA will host a SKYWARN Weather Spotter training meeting at Rose-Hulman (Terre Haute) on Thursday, June 23 at 7 p.m. The National Weather Service will administer the training. An optional test will be available for certification. For more information, call Gary WB9SWG at 877-4371 or Keith WA9DRO at 466-3899. (Talk-in 146.85-)

The USI Amateur Radio Club will hold Field Day at the new home QTH of Norm King, AA9CG north of Evansville. Field day this year will be held on June 25 and 26. For directions, contact Norm or call on 145.15-.

The EARS newsletter is produced by Neil Rapp WB9VPG. Questions and/or comments should be directed to: Neil Rapp, 305 Sequoia Lane, Evansville, IN 47712, or call (812) 424-1506, or leave E-mail on Prodigy (ID=CAEK86A) or Internet at neil.rapp@evsc.cld9.com. Subscriptions are available for a $10 minimum annual contribution. Please send your complete address, callsign, and phone number. If you would also like autopatch codes for 145.15 or 146.925, please state your interest. Send donations and/or subscription info to EARS at the address below, or come to an eating meeting! For the braille edition, contact Tom KE9ZV.