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June, 1996 Newsletter

THE NEXT E.A.R.S. EATING MEETING will be held on TUESDAY, JUNE 4 at 6:30 PM Central at Old Country Buffet, Morgan Ave. and Green River Road in Evansville, IN. We also have a tour of WEHT-TV in Henderson scheduled for this day at 4:30 p.m. Due to some problems with staff shifts at the station, the tour had to be set up on a special day and time. This should be an interesting tour if you can make the early time. We will get together afterwards at Old Country Buffet at 6:30 p.m.

THERE WILL BE A VE TEST SESSION at Harrison High School in Evansville, Lloyd Expressway and Fielding Road (across from east side Wal-Mart) on Tuesday, May 28 at 7:00 p.m, in Room 213. Enter from the south parking lot and proceed upstairs. Bring 2 forms of ID, one with a picture; calculator; writing utensils; and a copy AND original of any license or CSCE held. Call Neil for more information. Walk-ins only.

IF YOU MISSED THE DAYTON HAMVENTION, you missed one of the best ones ever! A record attendance was on hand, and the rain actually stayed away! Many bargains were found at Dayton, as well as many friends. We even had a group play a game of laser tag after the eating meeting at Forest Fair Mall. Make plans now for next year!

EARS has applied for 147.18 for use in Mt. Vernon, IL. Doug Hayes, KA9JJS, will be the maintainer of this system. The frequency is being finalized and more details will be noted as they become available.

THE VANITY CALLSIGN PLAN is now a reality. Gate 1 of the program will open on

May 31. Under the first gate, you may apply for 1) a previously held callsign (individual or club), or 2) a previously held callsign of a deceased close relative. Form 610V is required for this request, along with a $30 application fee. Normally, a callsign is assignable two years following license expiration, surrender, revocation, etc. FCC Fact Sheet PR5000 No. 206-V contains the complete details on this program. Fees must be by check or money order to "FCC" or by credit card. Cash is not acceptable. Credit card requests must be accompained by FCC Form 159. Send your form and fee to FCC Amateur Vanity Callsign Request, PO Box 358924, Pittsburgh, PA 15251-5924. For more information or forms, call the FCC Consumer Information Branch at 800-322-1117 or on the internet you can download the information and/or forms using the link from the EARS home page. The next gate, 1A, will be announced soon. This gate is for clubs to obtain the previously held callsign of a deceased member. (Thanks Newsline and PCARC Capacitor)

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Evansville, IN November 30, 1996


Evansville, IN - Tuesday, May 28 at 7 p.m. at

Harrison H.S. Room 213. Call 479-5741 for

info. Sponsored by HHS ARC. (W5YI-VEC)

Paris, IL - Sundays at 1pm Central at the

Community Hospital on July 14, Sept. 8, and

Nov. 3. Call John Welch at (217) 466-4315.

Danville, IL - Sundays at 1pm Central at the

VCARA Club House on Jun. 9, Aug. 25, Oct.

6, and Dec. 8. Call John Welch for more

information. For directions, call Wm. Wright at

(217) 442-3916.

Terre Haute, IN - Sundays at 1pm EST at the

Terre Haute Red Cross on Hwy 41 North on

June 2, Aug. 4, Oct. 6, and Dec. 1.

Call Fred K9EBK at (812) 466-2122

KENWOOD NOTES.... The TM-261A 2m mobile has been released. This radio comes with all the standard bells and whistles, and 61 memories.

Effective May 1, 1996, Kenwood will no longer issue discount coupons due to confusion as to the right time to buy. Instead, prices have been dropped to compensate for the coupon amounts.


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