Bloomington High School South
Amateur Radio


World Champions for
Fall School Club Roundup 2013 & 2015
High School Division!!!

2015 CQ Worldwide SSB 9th Call District Champs
& Record Holder (Multi-Single Low)

23 straight State Championships

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Some of the October, 2016 School Club Roundup Team!

2016-17 Contest Schedule (so far):
Monday, October 17 (9 am) to Friday, October 21 (7:59 pm) - School Club Roundup (Fall)
Friday, October 28 to Sunday, October 30 - CQ Worldwide SSB
Monday, February 13 (8 am) to Friday, February 17 (6:59 pm) - School Club Roundup (Spring)

February 13-17, 2017 School Club Roundup

Anticipated Operating Times
Monday: 2000-0100 Z
Tuesday: 2000-0100 Z
Wednesday: 2000-0100 Z
Thursday: 2000-0100 Z
Friday: 2000-2359 Z

Look for us on:
PSK31 on 14.070,
USB on 14.260 (+/- 10 KHz)
LSB on 7.250 (+/- 10 KHz)
or locally on 146.580 simplex
Current frequency updates on Twitter @K9SOU

Click here for our daily log (shows who we have contacted, score, etc.)
Click here for the complete report


High School Division
Indiana Rank World Rank    
February, 2017     log  
October, 2016 1st 2nd log picture
February, 2016 1st 4th log picture
October, 2015 1st 1st log picture
February, 2015 1st 3rd log  
October, 2014 1st 2nd log picture
February, 2014 1st 3rd log  
October, 2013 1st 1st log picture
February, 2013 1st 3rd log  
October, 2012 1st 3rd log  
February, 2012 1st 5th log picture
October, 2011 1st 4th log picture
February, 2011
1st 3rd log  
October, 2010
1st 5th log  
February, 2010
1st 4th log  
October, 2009
1st 4th log  
February, 2009
1st 4th log pictures
October, 2008
1st 6th log pictures
February, 2008
1st 5th log pictures
October, 2007
1st 7th log pictures
February, 2007
1st 4th log pictures
October, 2006 *
1st 3rd log pictures
February, 2006
1st 4th log pictures
February, 2005
1st 8th log pictures

*first ever additional October SCR

Meetings will be on Thursdays from 2:45 pm to 4:00 pm in A317. Contact Mr. Rapp for more information! Everyone is welcome!

Bloomington High School's first Amateur Radio Club was W9BSC, founded in 1942. The club has been on and off since. The most recent activation has been since the 2001-2002 school year. Here is a picture from the 1943 yearbook.

The K9SOU/W9EAR Repeater is under repairs and renovation. It will be on the air on 442.925 +, and on 224.64 - . Give it a listen. Bloomington ARC donated the funds for the repeater antenna for the top of the school, which was also used to make our ISS contact with Anousheh Ansari at RS0ISS.

K9SOU in the news...

Here are some helpful links for getting a ham radio license:

The power points we use during club meetings are by K3DIO. You can download them here. The GW Info Q&A file has everything. The QP files are just the question pool.

The complete list of Technician class questions is at:

Online practice exams that offer explanations of the answers are available at (subscription required)

To take a free practice exam (without explanations), go to: Copasetic Flows or or

The study guide books should be available at Amazon (Gordon West or ARRL) or You can get all the tapes and software, but the book itself is really all you need.

The local ham radio club's web site is Their club meetings are on the first Friday of the month at 7 pm in the auditorium at the hospital. They sponsor license exams, normally on the first Saturday of the month. Check their web site for details.

When you take a license exam, you shoud take with you: pencils, calculator, 2 forms of ID (one with a photo... a school ID is fine), $15 test fee (if ARRL Sponsored Exam) or $14 test fee (if W5YI Sponsored Exam) (NO FEE for Laurel VEC exams!). Also take copies and originals of your license and CSCE's if you have any. You will also need to know your social security number (or FCC FRN). You should submit the copies, but keep the originals. Bring along the originals to verify the copies. We are switching from W5YI to Laurel VEC this year, so there are NO fees for tests at Bloomington High School South.

Places to contact other young hams around the world

Some of the major youth/school nets:

  • ARRL now hosts a Youth Nets listing on their web site. Check there for the most up to date listings.

  • Y.A.C.H.T. is a youth ham radio organization, and has a net on Saturday evenings at 8 pm Eastern on Echolink (W8PIF-R Node #481872)

  • Visit the North American Youth Net (NAYN) on Mondays and Fridays at 2300 to 2330 UTC on 14. 329 MHz.

  • Check into the Onondaga County Youth Radio Amateur Net on the 145.350 MHz WW2N EchoLink repeater (Node 64224) in Pompey, New York. Stop by and say hello Sundays, 7 PM Eastern Time.

  • Visit the IRLP New Ham Trivia Net, which takes place on a linked 440 repeater system in Southern California and on IRLP Node 3500. Check in with NCS Brandon Umbarger, KG6NMQ, Fridays. 7 PM Pacific Time.

  • G4DWP David Mackinder's school group in Lincoln, England meets Wednesdays at 1900z on EchoLink node 268511 (GB3LS repeater)

Useful Reference Links

Area radio dealers: The Ham Station, R and L Electronics, DX Engineering, Tower Electronics

National Amateur Radio Organization: ARRL

Ham Radio Scholarships/Awards: Foundation for Amateur Radio, Newsline Young Ham of the Year Award, ARRL

Ham Radio in Space: ARISS, AMSAT

Ham Radio News: Newsline, ARRL Letter

Callsign Locator: QRZ, FCC (updated sooner) <---- check here to get your callsign after the test!!!

Central Indiana SKYWARN (Weather spotters)

EchoLink (internet repeater linking)

APRS locator - or

EARS (Mr. Rapp's repeater group) -

Bloomington Voice Repeaters (for more information, click here)

Tone (if needed)
146.640 - 136.5 Monroe Co. Repeater Assn.
443.775 + 136.5 W9WIN
146.940 - 136.5 IU ARC
442.825 + 136.5 IU ARC
442.925 + 107.2 Bloomington HS South

Here is a spreadsheet of Bloomington, IN commercial frequencies that I'm working on.
Here is a spreadsheet of Bloomington area ham frequencies
All Indiana coordinated repeaters are listed on the Indiana Repeater Council website


A big thank you to the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), and all those who have donated to the "Big Project" (ARRL Amateur Radio Education and Technology Program) which made our original club station possible. And thank you to the many donors who have helped us improve and update it over the years, including companies: Heil Sound, Vibroplex, and DX Engineering!

Our school club station includes:

Additional Donated Equipment:

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