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"Because a frequency is a terrible thing to waste"

March, 1994 Newsletter

The next EARS "Eating Meeting" will be held on Friday, March 11, at Noble Roman's Ross Center Location, near Washington and Boeke in Evansville. Meeting time is 6:30 (Central). See all your ham friends and enjoy a night out! Don't miss it!

Next Meeting: Fri., April 1.

Same place, same time.

THE 443.925 Vincennes repeater is now online! The transmitter has been running for some time now, but the receiver was installed on February 14. The repeater is duplexing on an antenna at 400 feet on the Vincennes Univsesity broadcasting tower, home of the 146.925 receiver. Output power is about 43 watts. The repeater is linked with 146.925 and 145.15. Autopatch and DVR codes for 146.925 are therefore available on 443.925 as well. The Terre Haute area remote receiver for 146.925 will be in the test mode at press time. This will be permanent soon. 443.925 preliminary signal reports include handheld from Bridgeport, IL, Washington, IN, Sullivan, IN and Princeton, IN. Mobile coverage includes Evansville, IN, Terre Haute, IN, and Newton, IL.

NEWS FLASH!! The FCC has announced that ONLY the November 1993 version of Form 610 will be allowed after March 1. All 610s sent in to the FCC or used at test sites effective immediately MUST be on the NEW form 610!

HamVention calendar:

April 29-May 1 Dayton, OH

Hara Arena, Admission $11

(in advance) $14 (at door)

ARRL/VEC testing available

(513) 276-6930

Don't miss the Dayton EARS

Eating Meeting! Watch for

details. Official EARS simplex

freq. at Dayton: 145.150.


Sat. Feb. 26 Henderson, KY

Henderson Public Library

Commercial starts 9am

Amateur exams follow

$5.75 (W5YI)

(812) 254-2201

Sun. Mar. 6 Paris, IL

St. Mary's School/$5.75

1pm CT (217) 466-4315

Sat. Mar. ?? Evansville, IN


9am CT (812) 985-0109


$35.00 per license (GROL or MROP)

February 28 - Henderson, KY

(see VE testing info)

March 31 - Wabash Valley College

(Mt. Carmel, IL) 7pm

Must pre-register! (812) 424-1506

April 23 - Vincennes University


1506 S. Parker Drive

Evansville, IN 47714

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