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February & March, 1997 Newsletter

THE NEXT E.A.R.S. EATING MEETING will be held be at Noble Roman's Pizza, Washington and Boeke, in Evansville on Friday, March 7 at 7:00 p.m.

REPEATER NEWS... Repairs continue on 146.925, 443.925, and 145.15. Eric N9KDB and Pete WB9DRB have been working hard on keeping things running. After 5.15 had been off for nearly a month, Eric made the long journey to Evansville and found the problem. A new power supply was installed, fixing the problem and getting 5.15 back on the air. Eric and Pete recently went to Vincennes and re-tuned the duplexers, transmitter, and receivers on 443.925. Thanks guys for all your assistance. Plans are in the works to replace the 443.925 with a new (to us) Motorola solid state repeater, along with a new Link repeater controller that will allow for automatic scheduling of the Indy link, and provide more DVR recording time. A bigger rotation of IDs is also possible with the new controller for more variety. The 146.925 and 145.15 amplifiers are still down, but both are still operational at low power. 145.11 repairs continue. Remember to use 107.2 tone encode on the EARS repeaters. ALL EARS REPEATERS ARE STILL OPEN FOR USE BY ALL AMATEURS WHO FOLLOW PROPER RULES AND OPERATING PROCEDURES.

THANKS TO DEBBIE ROUSCH (XYL-KB9KCF) for reproducing and preparing the EARS newsletter each month for mailing. Your help is greatly appreciated.

VISIT THE E.A.R.S. WORLD WIDE WEB PAGE! http://members.aol.com/earsham/

You can write to us on the Internet as well! Our e-mail address: EARSHAM@aolDOTcom


Rockford, IL July 26, 1997 Winnebago Co. Fairgrounds, Pecatonica IL Talk in 146.61, 114.8 CTCSS

Dayton, OH Hamvention May 16. 17, and 18

Hara Arena See http://www.hamvention.org

Evansville, IN November 29, 1997 Vanderburgh Co. Fairgrounds 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Central time. Admission $5. Wall tables - $10, Flea Market tables - $7. Talk in on 145.15.


EARS does not sponsor VE testing, but does advertise area testing dates and times. If you know of a test not listed, please write, call, or e-mail it to Neil ASAP!!!

Evansville, IN - Tuesday March 11 at 7 pm at

Harrison High School (Lloyd Expwy. &

Fielding Rd.) Room 213 by Harrison HS

ARC. $6.25 is the 1997 test fee. W5YI/VEC

For info, call Neil at (812) 479-5741, walk-ins

only please.

Evansville, IN - Saturday April 26 and Sept.

27 at the Red Cross Bldg., Diamond and

Heidelbach, at 9 a.m. by Tri-State ARS.

$6.25/ARRL-VEC. Contact Terry AA9MM.

Paris, IL - Sunday March 2 at 1pm at the

Community Hospital - Call John

Welch at (217) 466-4315.

Danville, IL - VCARA Club House Call John

Welch at (217) 466-4315 for more information.

For directions - (217) 442-3916.

Electronic Applications Radio Service, Inc.


1506 S. Parker Dr.

Evansville, IN 47714-3154

VE TESTING, cont'd

Terre Haute, IN - Sunday at 1pm at the Terre

Haute Red Cross on Hwy 41 North on Apr 6.

Call Fred K9EBK at (812) 466-2122

Indianapolis, IN - IPL, 37th and Arlington, at


Tom N9LFU at 317-326-3168. Thomson


Franklin, IN - Walk-ins only. For more

information, call 317-974-1488. MidState

ARC (3rd Sat. March thru November)

Mt. Carmel, IL - Tuesday Feb. 18 at Wabash

Valley College Electronics Dept. at 7 pm

Contact Ken Wood KF9W for info.

THANKS TO ALL THOSE who have graciously donated to EARS recently. They include: Robert Curry W9EO, Henry DalleAve WB9UWJ, Bill Sage K9IHU, Chris Lemon N9XIE, Dean Wathen KF9DL, and Ruel Burns

K9WHE. Your support keeps EARS running!


8:30 P.M. CDT (9:30 EST)

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