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September, 1994 Newsletter

The next EARS eating meeting will be held at Western Sizzlin at Morgan Ave. and Oak Hill in Evansville on MONDAY, September 12 in the meeting room at 6:30 p.m. All hams, potential hams, and families thereof are invited to attend. Future meeting dates are listed below:

October 3 Old Country Buffet

November 7 Noble Roman's (Ross Center)

December 5 Wolf's BBQ (1st Ave.)

(We will need a count for the Christmas meeting on Dec. 5.) Note that we have changed to Monday, as some people have requested a different day due to work schedules. Monday seemed to be the only other option at last month's meeting. Let me know how this works.

Our guest from the Red Cross, Kathy, called me before last month's meeting. She was unable to attend our meeting due to her pregnancy and will reschedule to meet with us about disaster services after her maternity leave.

Repeater notes:

145.110 The 145.11, located just West of USI, has been seeing a lot of activity lately. Everything seems to be working as usual. I guess there is mass confusion as to the location of the repeater as it has been missing from the repeater directory listings and incorrect information being passed around. But that's what happens when you put a repeater on at 1200 feet! (Just kidding - it's at 500!)

145.150 The new receive site at 300 feet on Orchard Road (south end of Darmstadt) has been working great! The Petersburg receiver is still off as we have not had time to tune a receiver for it. The phone line will have to be replaced by the phone company...Stay tuned!

146.925 Mel N9IZG has been at work again as he fixed our Farmersburg link antenna. The wind bent the mast a bit, and Mel came to the rescue once again. Eric N9KDB and I placed a battery, courtesy of Tony N9QEH, on the voice recorder so that power outages will not erase IDs and mailbox messages. The voice mailbox system on 146.925 and 443.925 is thus running permanently now. Check your Vincennes codes for info. (This service is not available on 145.15)

Testing will be held at the Vincennes University Technology Bldg. on Saturday, September 17. Call Phil KQ9O at (812) 886-9765 for details. ARRL/VEC 9am EST $5.75

Also, VE testing will be available at the following hamfests: DuQuoin, Peoria, Louisville, and Bedford. (see back)

Commercial license fee information has finally arrived. There is a $35 fee for each test taken, as before. But now the FCC is collecting $35 for all 5 year term licenses. However, the lifetime license fees have been waived for the time being. The talk was that the General ClassRadiotelephone (GROL) would have a $105 fee attached. The FCC decided not to implement this plan right now. NEW licenses for Marine Radio Operator (MROP), 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class radiotelegraph, GMDSS Operator, GMDSS Maintainer, and the Ship Radar Endorsement all require a $35 regulatory fee in addition to the $35 test fee if the exam is passed. At present, the GROL has ONLY a test fee. The price of a new restricted operator permit (i.e. broadcast license) now costs $45, and there is no exam. Replacements and duplicates also cost $45. The FCC has released a form allowing regulatory fees (not test fees) to be paid by VISA/MasterCard in addition to a check. The next test session for commercial licenses in Evansville is tentatively scheduled for December.


Spencer, IN Sept. 10

DuQuoin, IL Sept. 11 8am-2pm State Fairgrounds. VE tests, tables $5.

T/I 147.09+ (618) 457-8114


1506 S. Parker Dr.

Evansville, IN 47714

Peoria, IL Sept. 17-18

Louisville, KY Oct 1-2

Terre Haute, IN Oct. 15 Clay Co. (Brazil) 4-H Center. $5 at the door, advance $4. Write: WVARA, P.O. Box 81, Terre Haute, IN 47808-0081. T/I 146.85- (812) 939-3110 (Tables $5 - includes lunch.)

Bedford, IN Oct. T/I 146.73- Lawrence Co. 4-H fairgrounds

Evansville, IN Nov. 26 Vanderburgh 4-H Center. $4 admission, tables (8') $10. Lunch provided by Old Post ARS. 8am-2pm Central time. Vendor setup 6 am. T/I 145.15 - and 146.925 -. (812) 479-5741 or (812) 424-1506.

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