Evansville, IN 145.11-

Evansville, IN 145.15-

Vincennes, IN 146.925-

Vincennes, IN 443.925+

Mt. Vernon, IL 147.18+

107.2 CTCSS

Electronic Applications Radio Service


c/o 1506 S. Parker Drive, Evansville, IN 47714-3154

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An ARRL Special Service Affiliated Club

Member Indiana Repeater Council, Illinois Repeater Council, and Indiana Radio Club Council


“Because a frequency is a terrible thing to waste”



Spring, 2000 Newsletter

THE NEXT E.A.R.S. EATING MEETING will be at Golden Corral, Lloyd Expwy. and Cross Point Blvd. (behind the east side Drury Inn near I-164), on Friday, May 5 at 6:30 pm, in the banquet room.  EVERYONE is invited.  It’s a great way to meet the people you hear on the radio in a casual atmosphere.


THANKS to those who donated to EARS recently, including: Robert Curry W9EO and John Garino KF9UH. Your support keeps EARS going!


GOING TO DAYTON?  Be sure to visit the EARS outdoor vendor space, # 725.  We’re just a couple of rows down from the main flea market gate at the front of Hara Arena.

If you have something to add to our junk heap, contact Neil WB9VPG, Dan KB9KCF, or Barry KE4OXZ.


REPEATER NEWS... for the latest information, check the EARS web site.  We’re hoping for coverage maps in the next newsletter, pending the new antennas.  Please send in signal reports after the new antennas are in place!!!

·          145.11... The repeater has been on in short-range testing mode.  It is scheduled to be re-tuned.  We’re also looking for a new location for this stand-alone chat repeater.

Text Box: EARS Wide Area Net & Newsline: Mondays, 8:30 pm

·          145.15... The controller upgrade and reprogramming is complete!  Be sure to check your autopatch code to make sure it works.  Remember, your autopatch code WILL NOT CHANGE unless you ask for a change, or there is a problem experienced with the current code.  The automatic weather alert feature has also been reprogrammed.  The feedback that used to happen when you unkey has been eliminated after several years of trying!!!  The repeater is now virtually free of all those extraneous noises.  Now all we need is some noises from users!!!  Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation… the repeater is there to be used, not just sit around for an emergency.  We continue to welcome all hams to use the repeater and autopatch free of charge, as we always have. (Donations to help defray operating costs are welcome, though!)

·          146.925/443.925  As with 5.15, we’ve been able to eliminate a lot of the extraneous noises that we used to hear.  We’re still waiting on the new 2m and 440 antennas to be installed at Vincennes.  The Terre Haute receiver has been real noisy because of the 440 antenna problem, and coverage has been greatly reduced on 2m at the main site.  Look for a huge increase in reception coverage soon.  Our automatic weather alert is working from the Edwardsport NWS station, and tail messages with important weather information are provided by Eric N9KDB.  Some water got in the thermometer, so we had some false readings on it for a while.


·          145.25... 145.25 is back on the air from a new location.  The transmit site is now in Lebanon.  The receive site is in downtown Indianapolis.  More details to come.


YOUR COMPLETE HAM INFO SOURCE IN THE TRI-STATE is the EARS Web page!!! VE information is updated DAILY.  We list a wide range of testing opportunities all throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.  Go to http://members.aol.com/EARSham, or look on most major search engines or ham link lists.


Because of a drop in interest of meetings, the

frequency of eating meetings and newsletters has been reduced.  More frequent updates are available on the EARS Web Site, and on the EARS E-mail list.  To subscribe to the e-mail updates, contact Neil at neilrapp@insightbb.com.



April 22, 2000 - Murray, KY - Murray State ARC http://www.mursuky.edu/clubs/msuarc/hamfest/ham-fest.htm

April 30, 2000 - Arthur, IL

May 7, 2000 - Dugger, IN  Pitch-in at 2pm, DARC meeting to follow.  Dugger City Park shelter house.  The club will bring the beans and cornbread, tea, coffee, lemonaide and the paper goods.. all you have to do is bring the fixins you would like to share.. and of course hear tall tales.. please invite the ham's you know in the area to come and if there is a net please feel free to pass

the word along.  For more information, contact Bob Chattin WD9FEG at wd9feg@yahooDOTcom

May 19, 20, and 21, 2000  -  Dayton Hamvention  http://www.hamvention.org - Visit EARS at flea market space #725

May 27, 2000 - Pennyrile Tailgate - Dawson Springs, KY  Dawson Springs ARC, Princeton ARS, Hopkins County ARA, & Pennyroyal ARS at the Pennyrile Forest State Park.  Talk in on 147.09. 7 am - 1 pm.  Lodge and campsites are available with swimming, boating, hiking, miniature golf, tennis, and a 9 hole golf course.  Call 1-800-325-1711 for reservations.  For more information, contact Curt at ke4uze@spis.net.   VE testing provided.

June 18, 2000 - Crown Point, IN

July 8, 2000 - Indianapolis - Marion Co. Fairgrounds - http://www.indyhamfest.com

August 13, 2000 - Kokomo & Grant County ARC http://www.netusa1.net/~ka6nqwnick/hamfest.html

August 20, 2000 - Lafayette, IN

August 20, 2000 - Lexington, KY  http://www.qsl.net/k4kjq/

August 27, 2000 - Danville, IL  http://members.soltec.net/~wx9ema/VCARA/

September 9, 2000 - Louisville, KY  http://www.thepoint.net/~glha/

September 9, 2000 - Spencer, IN

September 16-17, 2000 - Peoria, IL  http://www.w9uvi.org

November 18-19, 2000 - Fort Wayne (Indiana State Convention) - http://www.acarts.com

November 25, 2000 - Evansville, IN  -  Vanderburgh Co. 4-H Center Auditorium - 9 am - 2 pm Central  Talk in on 145.15- (107.2)  http://members.aol.com/earsham/hamfest.htm

VE TESTING: updated daily on EARS Web site

PLEASE NOTE:  All test sessions prior to April 15 will be under the current regulations.  Starting on April 15, only the NEW exams will be offered for Technician, General, and Extra.  Novice and Advanced tests will no longer be given.  Persons who wish to upgrade past the April 15 deadline will have to take the NEW test.  Persons who have already passed 5 wpm AND have credit for written tests (a Technician prior to March 1, 1987, or a valid CSCE proving element credit) can file for an upgrade at a test session NO EARLIER THAN APRIL 15. 

For the question pools, go to: http://www.arrl.org/arrlvec/pools.html
To take a practice exam, go to: http://www.clicktron.com/ham/index.html
(or click on the links on the EARS Web page)

EARS does not sponsor VE testing, but does list area testing dates and times. If you know of a test not listed, please write, call, or e-mail it to Neil ASAP!!! For all tests, bring 2 forms of ID, one must include picture; calculator; pens/pencils, CSCEs and current license photocopies (if any); test fee ($6.65 for all Amateur tests... $35 for commercial GROL)

SPECIAL SESSIONS FOR INSTANT UPGRADES:  If you have proof of qualifying for an upgrade on April 15, these sessions will be available on that date for you to file your upgrade.  You must fill out form 605, pay the $6.65 fee, and present adequate documentation for your upgrade, such as CSCEs, or an old license copy or callbook printout to verify code credit and/or credit for written elements.  The FCC said VECs could use entries in the 1987 and earlier editions of the Radioamateurs Callbook to support the their pre-1987 Technician Class status if they have confidence in its accuracy.  The QRZ website also has posted an old FCC (circa 1993) database that might help some amateurs establish their status.  Just print out the webpage and take it to a VE exam session.

Vincennes, IN - Saturday, April 15 at 9:00 am Eastern. Vincennes University Technology Building.  For more information, contact Phil Smith AA9ZZ at 812-885-5830 (work). ARRL-VEC.

Evansville, IN -  Saturday, April 15 at 9:00 am Central. Evansville/Vanderburgh EMA office, located in the Red Cross Bldg., Diamond and Heidelbach, by Tri-State ARS.  Pre-registration is not required.   ARRL-VEC. Contact Terry AA9MM tbrooks@sigecomDOTnet or evenings 812-421-9135.   PAPERWORK ONLY... NO EXAMS WILL BE OFFERED.

Terre Haute, IN - SUNDAY, APRIL 30 at 1pm at the Terre Haute Red Cross on Hwy 41 North. Call Bob Harker KC9UU at (812) 235-9374 or rharker@email.msn.com PAPERWORK ONLY... NO EXAMS WILL BE OFFERED.


Evansville, IN - Sat. Apr. 29, May 27, Jun 24 (at Field Day site), July 29, Aug. 26, Sept. 30, Oct. 28, Nov. 18, Dec. 16, 2000; 9:00 a.m.... Evansville/Vanderburgh EMA office, located in the Red Cross Bldg., Diamond and Heidelbach, by Tri-State ARS.  Pre-registration is not required.   ARRL-VEC. Contact Terry AA9MM tbrooks@sigecomDOTnet or evenings 812-421-9135.

Evansville, IN - Tuesday, April 25, 2000 - 7:00 p.m.   Harrison High School, Room 213 of the Harrison High School Science Department at 7:00 p.m. Central time.  Enter on south side, entrance #5.     Commercial exams are at 6:00 p.m. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  Contact Neil Rapp WB9VPG at 812-479-5741 or by e-mail at neilrapp@insightbb.com for more information. W5YI-VEC, Electronically filed.

Vincennes, IN -  3rd Saturday in January, May, and November. 9:00 am Eastern. Vincennes University Technology Building.  For more information, contact Phil Smith AA9ZZ at 812-885-5830 (work). ARRL-VEC.

Petersburg, IN - Monday, April 24, 2000  - 7:00 p.m. W5YI-VEC, Electronically filed.  Pike Co. Court House. Contact Cary Bailey W9CZH

Terre Haute, IN - 1st Sunday of EVEN numbered months at 1pm at the Terre Haute Red Cross on Hwy 41 North. Call Bob Harker KC9UU at (812) 235-9374 or rharker@email.msn.com

Dawson Prings, KY - Pennyrile Tailgate May 27 at the Pennyrile Forest State Park. For more information, contact Curt at ke4uze@spis.net.

Indianapolis, IN - IPL, 37th and Arlington, at 6:30 p.m. BY APPT. ONLY. Call Tom N9LFU at 317-326-3168. Thomson ARC/ARRL-VEC

Franklin, IN - Walk-ins only. For more information, call 317-974-1488. MidState ARC (3rd Sat. March thru November)


VANDERBURGH COUNTY RACES sponsored an emergency drill on Saturday, April 8.  Another one is planned for mid- September.  If you’re not a member of RACES, we need you!! Contact Norm King W9AU at 963-5872 or nking@usi.edu .  Below is a list of frequencies that will be used during RACES drills and emergencies.  Keep in mind that these frequencies may change slightly dependant upon use at the time of the start of the drill.





75 meters

3.93-3.98, 3.984-4.0


40 meters



20 meters

14.22-14.23, 14.331-14.350


15 meters



10 meters

28.55-28.75, 29.237-29.273, 29.45-29.65


2 meters






The FCC has rescinded a March 16 Public Notice that announced implementation of the FCC's agency-wide Commission Registration System (CORES) and the issuance of an FCC Registration Number (FRN) to each licensee. The new system, which would supplant Universal Licensing System registration for Wireless Telecommunications Bureau-administered licensees, was to have gone into effect next Monday, March 27. Some key FCC personnel said they were unaware of the new system until they saw the Public Notice on the FCC's Web site.

This week, the FCC said it was delaying implementation of CORES and FRNs and suspending the March 27 effective date "until further notice." The FCC said it plans to soon issue a new Public Notice "clarifying certain issues about the new program and providing a new effective date for implementation."

CORES registration is expected to replace ULS registration within a year and possibly as early as six months from now. Information provided to

the ARRL by FCC officials indicates that a new CORES registration form will take the place of the ULS Registration Form 606 when the new system goes on-line. Once in place, CORES will assign a new 10-digit FCC Registration Number, or FRN, which will replace the Licensee ID Numbers now issued by ULS for WTB licensees. Most FCC licensees are handled by the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.

The ULS--which covers Wireless Telecommunications Bureau licensees and applicants--became effective for the Amateur Service last August, and the FCC still has not removed all the wrinkles from the system. Most hams have yet to register in ULS. Those who have automatically will be registered in the new system.

Nominations are open for the 2000 Newsline Young Ham of the Year award.  (from Newsline)

The award is presented annually to an Amateur Radio operator 18 or younger living in the 48 contiguous states who has provided outstanding service to the nation and community or to the betterment of the state of the communications art through Amateur Radio.

Nominations are due before May 30, 2000, on an official application and accompanied by verification materials. Applications forms are available for a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: 2000 Young Ham of the Year award, c/o Newsline, 28197 Robin Ave, Santa Clarita, CA 91350.




Ham University is the premiere Windows program for studying for your FCC Exams.  The latest version, 2.001, lets you study and practice with the latest Question Pools due to go into effect April 15th -- as well as helping you learn Morse code.


You can test yourself on written questions that are giving you a problem or you can take a mock exam to see how you would do.  In addition to a formal series of CW lessons, HamU contains a wealth of practice exercises and the popular game, Pentode®, designed to make learning the code fun. 


Ham University is sold over the Internet by the author (Michael Crick) and in retail stores by Timewave Inc. - currently under the name Morse University.  This new release is a free upgrade for owners of version 2.000 and is half price to owners of earlier versions of Ham University.


You can learn more about Ham University at our web site (at http://crick.com/Hamu) or you can check out a fully featured demo copy for a week by going to http://crick.com/ hamu/download.html.



On Dec 20 1999 while traveling highway 41 I was hit from behind by a vehicle that damaged my car extensively. After coming to a stop on road side, I checked the other gentleman for injury and then was informed other gentleman was not legal to be on road and had no insurance.  I   was by myself and needed to get the police there right away as this gentleman could have taken off under situation.

I would have to start walking if it had not been for the ham radio in vehicle.  I called for help and a operator from Evansville KB9GNI Dan Weils called police on cellular telephone! It took about 4 minutes for state police to arrive. After I had been released from the scene I pulled away and then realized my antenna had been shattered and magnet was dragging ground.  My coaxial cable had survived as the antenna.  Better than nothing!


FCC LICENSE CLASS RESTRUCTURING (from W5YI) now includes 5 wpm credit from some expired (yes, expired) licenses.  See the chart (on the next page) to see who qualifies. The 5 wpm code test, formerly element 1A, will now be known as just element 1.  The same requirements are in effect for this test: either copy 1 minute of solid copy (25 consecutive characters), or pass a written test over the copy.  7 out of 10 correct responses are needed to pass the exam.  The new Technician test, element 2, contains 35 questions.  26 are needed for a passing grade.  The General exam, element 3, has the same number of questions.  The Extra test, element 4, has 50 questions, of which 37 must be correct to pass.  Links to the new question pools and sample tests are on the EARS web site.


EARS Financial Data for January 1, 1999 thru December 31, 1999; as submitted for Indiana Not-for-Profit Organization Report, April, 2000






Income:                                          Expenses:

Donations for E/V: $ 408.01          Repeaters   $1343.53

Donations for 5.25: $ 0.00

Hamfest: $ 2010                            Hamfest: $1243.98**

TOTAL INCOME: $ 2417.51        Newsletter/Mailings: $58.90

Donation from KA9PCT: $200      Misc. (dues to IRCC, IRC,

                                                                   IRA, Newsline): $ 30

Total income: $ 2618.01             TOTAL EXPENSES:  $ 2617.51

Net Loss for 1999: $ 199.50
Total on hand 1/1/00:  $ 628.59

** Does not include liability insurance and building rental deposit since it was paid directly by the Ham Station


Text Box: The E.A.R.S. newsletter is a monthly production of Electronic Applications Radio Service, Inc., a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.  Neil Rapp, WB9VPG, editor.  Send donations, articles, comments or information to the address above or call (812) 479-5741.  Articles for the newsletter and/or E-mail can be sent to EARSHAM @aolDOTcom.  Information contained may be reproduced, provided that credit is given to the EARS newsletter.
















Currently or previously licensed (now expired) Novice Class operator.

Element 1


Currently licensed (or license expired less than 5 years) FCC-issued Commercial Radiotelegraph operator

Element 1


Currently licensed Technician operator (or license expired less than two years) and licensed after 2/14/91

Element 2


Currently licensed or previously licensed (now expired) Technician Class operator and licensed as Technician between 3/22/87 and 2/14/91.

Element 1 & 2


Currently licensed Technician Plus operator (or license expired less than two years) and licensed after 2/14/91

Element 1 & 2


Currently licensed (or license expired less than two years) Technician Class operator and licensed as Technician on/before March 21,1987.

Element 1, 2 & 3


License expired (more than two years) Technician Class operator and licensed as Technician on/before March 21,1987.

Element 1 & 3


Currently licensed General Class operator (or license expired less than two years.)

Element 1, 2 & 3


Currently licensed Advanced Class operator (or license expired less than two years.)

Element 1, 2 & 3


Tech Plus, General or Advanced Class operator with license expired more than 2 years.

No credit