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Summer, 2000 Newsletter

THE NEXT E.A.R.S. EATING MEETING will be at Golden Corral, Lloyd Expwy. and Cross Point Blvd. (behind the east side Drury Inn near I-164), on Friday, October 20 at 6:30 pm, in the banquet room.  EVERYONE is invited.  It’s a great way to meet the people you hear on the radio in a casual atmosphere.


THANKS to those who donated to EARS recently, including: Tom Anderson KB9NVI, Keith Hemenway KB9WAC, Delbert Rapp WB9UKG, Margie Rapp WD9HEE, and Robert Helderman KB9SEQ. Your support keeps EARS going!


REPEATER NEWS... for the latest information, check the EARS web site.  We’re hoping for coverage maps in the next newsletter, pending the new antennas.  Please send in signal reports!!!



YOUR COMPLETE HAM INFO SOURCE IN THE TRI-STATE is the EARS Web page!!! And now, we offer FREE E-Mail!  The new address is: http://w9ear.org.  You can sign up for free email in the top right corner, just click on New User.  Your address will be the user name that you pick followed by @w9earDOTorg. 



October 1, 2000 – Bedford, IN  http://hoosterhillshamfest.org

November 18-19, 2000 - Fort Wayne (Indiana State Convention) - http://www.acarts.com

November 25, 2000 - Evansville, IN  -  Vanderburgh Co. 4-H Center Auditorium - 9 am - 2 pm Central  Talk in on 145.15- (107.2)  http://w9ear.org/hamfest.htm

VE TESTING: updated daily on EARS Web site

For the question pools, go to: http://www.arrl.org/arrlvec/pools.html
To take a practice exam, go to: http://www.clicktron.com/ham/index.html
(or click on the links on the EARS Web page)

EARS does not sponsor VE testing, but does list area testing dates and times. If you know of a test not listed, please write, call, or e-mail it to Neil ASAP!!! For all tests, bring 2 forms of ID, one must include picture; calculator; pens/pencils, CSCEs and current license photocopies (if any); test fee ($6.65 for all Amateur tests... $35 for commercial GROL)

Vincennes, IN - Saturday, September 16 & November 18 at 9:00 am Eastern. Davis Hall, Vincennes University.  For more information, contact Phil Smith AA9ZZ at 812-885-5830 (work). ARRL-VEC.

Evansville, IN - Sat. Sept. 30, Oct. 28, Nov. 18, Dec. 16, 2000; 9:00 a.m.... Evansville/Vanderburgh EMA office, located in the Red Cross Bldg., Diamond and Heidelbach, sponsored by Evansville-Vanderburgh EMA.  Pre-registration is not required.   ARRL-VEC. Contact Terry AA9MM tbrooks@sigecomDOTnet or evenings 812-421-9135.

Terre Haute, IN - 1st Sunday of EVEN numbered months at 1pm at the Terre Haute Red Cross on Hwy 41 North. Call Bob Harker KC9UU at (812) 235-9374 or rharker@email.msn.com

Indianapolis, IN - IPL, 37th and Arlington, at 6:30 p.m. BY APPT. ONLY. Call Tom N9LFU at 317-326-3168. Thomson ARC/ARRL-VEC

Franklin, IN - Walk-ins only. For more information, call 317-974-1488. MidState ARC (3rd Sat. March thru November)


VANDERBURGH COUNTY RACES had a drill on September 16, and will be planning another one for the spring and fall of 2001.  RACES is the organization that is designed to assist with emergency communications in the event of a disaster.  For more information about RACES, contact Norm King W9AU at nking@usi.edu.


THE ARRL CENTRAL DIVISION DIRECTOR elections are coming up next month.  There are three candidates this year.  The incumbent is Ed Metzger, W9PRN.  The challengers are  Richard David Klatzco Jr, N9TQA, and George R. (Dick) Isely, W9GIG. Vice Director Howard Huntington, K9KM, is unopposed for reelection.

EDITORIAL:  EARS encourages ARRL members to cast their vote for Dick Isely W9GIG in the upcoming election.  Dick has been instrumental in the formation of the National Frequency Coordination Council, and has been a long time officer of the Illinois Repeater Association.  He has also offered a lot of assistance to Indiana over the years in matters involving repeater coordination.

While Director Metzger has done a lot for ham radio, and has been very supportive to hams in our division in the past, EARS members may or may not also recall some of the problems we ran into with some very routine hamfest paperwork a couple of years ago. This was another sign of a very unfortunate situation, as Ed’s age is apparently catching up with him.  We all appreciate what Ed has done in the past, but we feel that a change in the office has been long overdue.  Now, more than ever, we need a strong, clear voice representing us at ARRL.


For a short biography about Dick Isely, please visit http://www.geocities.com/~w9az/w9gig.html


The Louisiana QSO Party 2000 will be held on 30 September 2000.  For full details and rules, see the Official LAQP website.http://www.tchams.org/users/contest/laqp/   General queries should be directed to the TCHC Contest Chairman at contest@tchams.org, or to Scott Dickson, W5WZ@arrlDOTnet, or via US mail to:  TCHC Contest Committee,  PO Box 1871, West Monroe, LA 71294.


The change at the FCC from ULS to CORES is a reality.  When the FCC moves its Taxpayer Information Number/Social Security Number registration system for amateurs from the Universal Licensing System to the new FCC Commission Registration System, the changeover will be largely transparent to users.

Steve Linn of the Commission’s Wireless Telecommunications Bureau says once the changeover is in effect, the CORES/FRN system will be linked from the ULS home page. In addition, those already registered in the ULS will--in most cases--still be able to use their ULS password to access CORES.

Amateurs will not have to start signing up in CORES until sometime next year, however, and those already registered in ULS won’t have to do a thing. For now, Linn says hams should simply stick with ULS "TIN/Call Sign" registration until CORES registration becomes mandatory.

"Don’t even worry about CORES," Linn said. "If you have a letter from CORES, hang onto it for your FCC Registration Number." The FCC recently sent letters to every licensee who was registered in the ULS as of June 22, 2000. The letter contains the individual’s new FCC Registration Number--or FRN--and a few words about CORES. Linn says the FCC has suspended mailing out CORES/FRN letters for now.

Described as an agency-wide registration system for anyone filing applications with or making payments to the FCC, CORES assigns registrants a unique 10-digit FCC Registration Number. The FCC says it will modify its licensing and filing systems--including ULS--over the next several months to accept and use the FRN. The FCC says use of the FRN will allow it to more rapidly verify fee payment.

Until CORES assumes the registration function, Linn encouraged hams to register in ULS, which will continue to house the FCC’s Amateur Service database even after CORES registration is implemented. Just when in 2001 that will happen Linn was not able to say. "There are a lot of factors involved," he said.

Individuals who register in CORES are not automatically registered in the ULS database (an individual does not have to be licensed to register in CORES). ULS TIN/Call Sign registration is eventually reflected in the CORES database, however, Linn confirmed.

The CORES on-line filing system and further information on CORES is available by visiting the FCC Web site and clicking on the CORES registration link.

(Thanks to ARRL Web for the story)


A REMINDER THAT AUTOPATCH CODES do not change.  If you have ever had an autopatch code for 145.15 or an autodial code for 146.925, it should still work.  Some features have been added or dropped in the last few years.  If you need a new code sheet, or have problems, please contact Neil ASAP. 

Ham gear:  Duane AA6EE would like to offer members of EARS the following special prices:
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