Coverage Maps

We are attempting to gather actual signal reports from HTs and mobiles in an attempt to draw new coverage maps based on the new equipment and antennas that have recently been added.  In order to maintain somewhat of a standard, the signal reports should:

1) not be during a band opening

2) be from a HT running about 2.5 watts on a standard rubber duck antenna, outside  OR   a mobile running 40-50 watts on some sort of mobile antenna

3) signals should be verified as readable by someone on frequency, if possible

We are testing the ability to get INTO the repeater, not how well you hear it in return!!! Transmit and receive coverage are totally independent of each other since different and multiple sites are used.  Be sure to use 107.2 CTCSS, since some receivers need the tone.

Send your reports to Neil WB9VPG on the repeater or at wb9vpg@w9earDOTorg

To view the current maps, click on the repeater below.
146.925 -   Vincennes
443.925 +  Vincennes

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This page was last modified on March 5, 2017 by Neil Rapp, WB9VPG