EchoLink & IRLP

The EARS wide area repeater network has an even wider area.... the world! Repeaters and simplex stations from around the world can link with each other using the internet as the point-to-point link. Thus, the EARS network can be linked to any other system equipped with EchoLink technology. It might be Michigan, California, or New Zealand!

EchoLink is free for hams to use. For more information about EchoLink, visit their web site at:

EchoLink uses an internet connection to connect repeaters and radios on simplex frequencies around the world. In order to get on EchoLink, first you need to find a linked station. A map of the available EchoLink repeaters and simplex links is available at Or, you can pick one at random if you like. Once you find one of these linked stations, enter a DTMF command on your radio's keypad to enable the link. A computer will hear your command, and attempt to establish an audio link between you and the distant station. This can take up to a minute. The computer uses a special card to hear the audio, digitize it, and send it across the internet. In most cases, the repeater will have to completely drop before the next person can talk. When the connection has been made, a voice recording will inform you that "you are connected". Then, you can use the repeater as you normally would. The repeater will be linked with the distant repeater via the internet. There is only about a second of audio delay between the two systems. When you are finished using the link, you simply enter the proper access code.

If you are on another system and want to connect to the EARS system, use code 745821. On IRLP, select node 8428.

IRLP Node Codes
  code function
  A Node Status
  B Time Check - IRLP Net Clock
  xxxx Connect to IRLP node/reflector
  73 Hangs-up connection
Echolink Node Codes
  code function
  *xxxxxx Connect to Echolink node / conference
  73 Hangs-up connection

Short list of IRLP Nodes and Reflectors
  node # description

Indianapolis Crossroads Reflector

  9250 Western Reflector
  4031 Indiana University ARC Bloomington, IN
  4253 W9WIN Repeater Network Indiana
  7531 ICE Repeater (SKYWARN) Indianapolis, IN


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